1927 T coupe


  Although not one of the most elegant or beautiful cars ever built, Ford’s Model T’s have no shortage of character.  This one was built to look mostly stock and a bit worn, with patina’d stock colors on original Henry steel.  The original mohair interior was left in, including some water stains and wear marks.  The chassis and drivetrain have been given a more up-to-date treatment, though still incorporating many traditional components.  The frame is built to stock dimensions, but with rectangular tubing instead of C channel.  The front suspension centers around a dropped axle and split wishbones, with Posie’s springs and Offenhauser friction shocks.  The rear end is a Ford banjo unit with bones, suspended on a Posie’s Model A style spring, again using Offenhauser frictions.  Braking is done with Ford juice brakes, and rolling stock is made up of ’35 Ford wires and Coker Classic Radials.  The engine is a modern 2.0L Ford OHV 4 cylinder, and the transmission a fully synchronized 5 speed.  Modern enough for todays driving, yet original enough for the antique car driving experience, this Model T is the best of both worlds. Available for $27,500.00 Contact Jake Queen @ Queen’s Automotive Inc for more details 610-966-4310